July 2015 - Investing in the Future, Apprenticeships and Employee Training



As CLG continues to grow it is the aim of the company to bring in new fresh minds and skills to lay a path for the future.

Over the past 4 years CLG has invested in apprentices to meet its’s personal goals, to stay current within manufacturing industry. Not only investing funding to train new employees but also investing time, training apprentices in the methods used currently in the industry.

As the engineering industry is so vast moving with the times is vital, staying up to date with methods of manufacture and process control methods. Bringing new minds into the company means a new way of thinking and will propel CLG into the forefront of manufacture.

CLG will see its 3rd apprentice join in September 2015, another step in improving the company as a whole. A technical apprenticeship will be undertaken and the possibility of moving on a HNC in Mechanical Engineering as a previous route taken by CLG Apprentices.


Christopher McWhannel, 3rd Year Apprentice

“Being able to learn on the job, for me is the best method of learning. CLG gives me the opportunity to learn vital skills from very experienced people in a real environment, which means I have to commit to working at a high standard all the time”


CLG also invests training in current employees. Such as CAD/CAM training using OneCNC and CMM training on our brand new Axiom Two CMM. Taking these steps to train and improve individuals creates a sense of purpose within the company, makes working practices more flexible and meets CLG’s goal of staying current within the industry.